What does Herbalife contain?


All you need to feel great all day! In other words, the right amount and quality of carbohydrates, proteins, fat and fibre. Together with all the vitamins and minerals that the body needs on a daily basis.


How does Herbalife work?


Herbalife gives you control of your calories! Replace meals with a refreshing Herbalife shake and you get a maximum level of nutrition, but a minimum number of calories.

- For weight loss, replace 2 regular meals with a Herbalife shake.

- For weight control, replace 1 regular meal with a Herbalife shake

How do I use the products?

On the back of each product you will find an instruction on how much and how often you take of that particular product every day.

Delivery time?

Our terms of delivery are 2-4 working days. All orders and shipping are managed during working hours and weekdays.

Which meals can I replace with Herbalife?

Replace 2 meals per day with a refreshing and healthy Herbalife shake. Drink a shake for breakfast and lunch, or breakfast and dinner. We recommend one hot meal per day.

Will I maintain my weight loss after I have stopped Herbalife?

That's up to you! If you continue to eat sensibly and exercise, you can keep your new trim figure for as long as you want. If you continue to replace one meal per day with Herbalife, the chances are significantly greater that you will maintain your weight loss after you have stopped using a regular programme.

I don't feel properly full with Herbalife

During the first 2-7 days you might experience feelings of hunger. This is a normal reaction, especially if you go from a heavy and fatty diet to Herbalife's weight loss plan. After this time period, your body and stomach will adjust. If you follow all of the recommendations given for water intake etc., it's likely you will feel better using Herbalife than you did before you began. We recommend 2 liters/4 pints of water every day.

What's the difference between Formula 1 Express and the protein bars?

You replace a meal with the Formula 1 Express bar, it contains the same as Formula 1 in powder form. Protein bars are a smaller bar that is suitable as a snack.

* Weight control is achieved with a calorie-controlled eating plan. Only Formula 1 can be used as a meal replacement for weight control, all other products are food supplements and supporting products.

**Results not typical. Individual results may vary.